How to cure a hangover by using natural methods

Published: 16th May 2012
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Hangover is basically a result of imbalance in the body that is caused after huge drinking. When a person drinks more than the limit and feels a kind of dizziness or imbalance in the body the next morning, this is what a hangover is. A hangover can produce different psychological effects when you have heavy consumption of alcoholic beverages. The common characteristics of hangover are thirst, diarrhea, dyspohoria, lethargy, sensitivity to noise and light, nausea and headache. In general, hangover is experienced in the morning after a heavy drinking in the previous night. The psychological effects of hangover are anxiety and depression. The symptoms of hangover significantly vary from one person to another. Hangover is very natural and does not bring any harm to the body.
Though the hangover is not a very serious imbalance but it sure does need a cure. There are many ways you can know on how to cure a hangover, which are not only easy but also effective. One answer to the question how to cure a hangover is the medicines. There are medicines available in the market to treat the hangover. These medicines are made by different chemicals that act accurate on the causes of hangover. It is better that you always go for the homeopathic or the herbal medicines. This is because the chemical medicines are not very safe. There are chances that these medicines may react when they do not suit the personís body. The homeopathic medicines and the herbal medicines are safe as they are not associated with any kind of side effects.
The other way of treating a hangover is by the natural elements. The natural or the home remedies are very simple, effective and purely safe too. Here are some of the natural ways of how to cure a hangover:
The use of green tea
Green tea is a gift of nature. This tea is not like the normal tea, but has rich properties to prevent as well as cure many imbalances and infections in the body. This provides the right kind of stimulation to the nerves in our body and helps in the easing of hangover effect. When you wake up in the morning, and find any symptom of hangover, a cup of green tea is a best way to treat the hangover, instantly.
The use of milk in the breakfast
People often assume that heavy food elements in the morning of hangover should be avoided, even milk. The fact is milk is a very good source to cure a hangover. Using milk in the breakfast will help you cure the hangover very efficiently. It contains the calcium and abundant number of good bacteria which helps in relieving the effects of hangover. However, the milk should not be boiled too much and has to be in warm condition.
Include root vegetables in your meal
Vegetables are a good source to cure the hangover. Using vegetables such as the carrots and beet roots in the morning meal will help you treat the hangover very quickly. You can have them in your salad or even cooked. These roots have the required antioxidants that help in relaxing easing the psychological effects of hangover.
Use lemon too
Lemon is also a very good cure for the hangover. Drink lemon juice or even lemon tea the morning you feel the hangover symptoms. It will surely cure the hangover instantly. This is the best and age old practice that has been in use for treating a hangover condition. The citric acid in the lemon has the capability of easing the migraines or headaches due to hangover condition. It is a readymade treatment for curing hangover condition.

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